We envisage becoming a world-class construction group building modern leisure homes.

Satisfaction of every customer is our top most priority by implementing highest quality standards.

CWD has built its image on strong foundation of quality construction. Quality is a key driver at CWD and the heart of company, ethos. We at CWD are committed to deliver highest standard of quality by adopting innovative & modern construction technologies.

About Us

      Canary Wharf Developments Pvt. Ltd., a name synonymous with, Quality in Construction, Creativity in Designs and Trust in Infrastructure Development. In its truly International Quality Qtandard Canary Wharf Developments Pvt. Ltd. has been growing from strength to strength from Residential to Information Technology Parks and Infrastructure Devlopment. Our aim is to offer customers an experience that is at par with the best anywhere in the world.

     Our founder, Mr. Nandkumar Valanj has been in the business of infrastructure Development since 1981. He was the key person as a confirming party for infrastructure development of Sahara group - Aamby Valley Lake City, which is located ad mist of the great Sahayadri Range. This project is India‚Äôs first planned, self contained city and Mr. Valanj is one of the most crucial hand of the Sahara Project at Aamby Valley City.

Today our company has diversified into designing and development of Infrastructure, Residential Complexes and Information Technology Park. Canary Wharf Developments Pvt. Ltd. is managed by the towering twin pillars i.e. 2 sons of Mr. Nandkumar Valanj.

The elder son Mr. Milind Valanj, an Architect, started designing and executing projects in residential, IT projects in Pune and Lonavala. Mr. Sagar Valanj looks into the company, administration, finance and acquisition of land in Pune and adjoining areas. The company family comprises of qualified and experienced office staff and highly technical marketing force.

Mr. Milind Valanj has successfully completed several projects under his belt. From beginning, his focus was on going an extra mile to provide customers with healthy and happy experience, He believes in optimum use of space, understanding customers' needs and then satisfying them. Our company has carried out infrastructure Developments of more than 2,00,000 Sq.ft. with leading groups. His aim is to offer customers an experience that is on par with the best anywhere in the world. This approach has helped in satisfying customers' need. His in-house team of dynamically experienced Civil Engineers, Architects and Supervisors ensure that we continue to be known for the quality and timely completion of our projects.

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